Ashley's Story

She will leave fingerprints all over your heart


A few of...

My favorite things during this holiday season:)

The Christmas Parade.  Especially when my favorite PTHS Cheerleader is in it.

The sounds of Third Day's Christmas Offerings CD playing in the house.

Our family Christmas Card.  A new picture of all three kids together every single year.  Smile!

The smell of a Yankee Christmas Cookie candle burning.

A comfy seat next to the tree.

Tiny evergreens wrapped in burlap with little white lights glowing.

Our Willow Tree Nativity on the book shelves.

The scattering of a holiday puzzle across the table in the family room.

A basket of fresh evergreens and cranberries on the kitchen counter.  It just feels like Christmas every time I go in there.

Jingle bells and pine cones.

Holiday wreaths and garlands hung on the front doors welcoming all who enter.

Ashley Kate's lollipop tree and the soft glow the lights from it cast in her bedroom each night.

Elf.  I play that movie at least once a day.  Seriously, I do.

The twinkle in her eyes.

A perfectly set table with holiday dishes.

The glow of a candle.

The peace that envelops me  each time I walk back in to what I know is our home.  Something about Christmas brings that feeling back each and every year.

Coordinated packages wrapped in brown paper and tied with up with a strand of jute and an occasional red satin bow.  Simplicity at its best.

This precious little man who remembers my sweet Ashley year after year and loves on her each time he sees her.  Be it from a distance with a tiny little smile and a wave, or a brush of his gloved hand across her cheek as he approaches her chair.  His gentle kindness towards her has made my holidays sweet the last few years. I wonder if he even knows?

Cranberries scattered throughout the Christmas tree.  The pop of color they add makes me smile.

Snowflakes hanging down from the playroom ceiling.  Its very festive and happy in that room.

Snuggling on the cool December mornings with my girl.  We don't get a lot of those in Texas but the few we have are being so enjoyed.

A stack of freshly laundered, warm, soft, cozy blankets next to the fire place.  Love it when I walk into the room and everyone is cuddled up under one and the chair is empty.  Puts a smile on my face.  Ashley asks for a blanket off this chair every single morning:)

Baking Christmas cookies for my boy.  Even at 17 he gets so excited!  Nobody loves a warm cookie more than Blake:)

Christmas vacation.  I LOVE having my teenagers home for days and days in a row.  Possibly my very favorite thing about this time of year.  Time spent with my kids doing the nothing special that makes it so very special.

I could go on and on and on but I'll close with this one:

The gift of Jesus and the time to slow down and concentrate on what a gift He truly gives to each and everyone of us.  Christmas is the opportunity for us to focus on eternity and how precious it will be once we are all gathered together again forever and ever.  Those whom we have loved and have gone before us and those whom we have loved enough to share Him with.  The only thing we are taking with us from this world are people.  People matter and Jesus makes a difference in their lives.  Love on the ones who surround you this Christmas and reach out to some who just cross your path.  You will never regret a moment of the time you invest and perhaps we will make an eternal difference in someone's life.

Merry Christmas to you each one of you.  I hope your list of favorites grows by the day.  I know mine does.


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