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Its Christmas Time Again

I wait for this time to come all year long and I can't help but be excited this morning.  The house is quiet.  My girls are still sleeping.  Blake had an early ball practice this morning and Dave left at 5:30 for the office, but by this evening everyone will be on break and all things Christmas will be a go.

We chose years ago not to get involved in all the hustle and bustle of Christmas time.  We don't do parties, social gatherings, and the running ourselves ragged during the holidays.  What we choose to enjoy and focus on instead looks like this... family.  It is the most blessed, most peaceful, most wonderful time spent doing nothing except concentrating on making memories with our kids.  The traditions have changed a little over the years as our big kids became young adults instead of wide eyed babies, but many of them still linger.  We work holiday puzzles, bake cookies, take naps, play board games, cook dinner together,visit, laugh, and slow life down. By this time of year we all need life to slow down!  Our everyday is so packed full that its hard to find moments to breathe between all the running and activity.

Last night I snuggled with and rocked our little gherkin by the tree.  The reflection of the lights in her eyes was a beautiful memory.  I sang Jingle Bells and she giggled at all her favorite parts.  As I spent time slowing down with my sweet girl I found my heart to be so very full in those moments.  There is something about the house during this time of year that brings my focus onto this family and all else in our lives just fade away.  I love that.  I think this may be the very reason I love the holidays so much.

I'm so looking forward to spending these upcoming days with my favorite people. There is nothing I can imagine I would rather be doing than listening to the conversations, the laughter, and the stories that spill out of the mouths and hearts of my teenagers.  Dave and I are SO enjoying these years with our kids.  We have been blessed with some amazing young people and a sweet, sweet 7 year old and life around this house is fun.

Life isn't perfect and I don't ever want to pretend that it is.  There are struggles and heartaches and lots of unknowns, but this week we will put all of that behind us.  Even if just for a little while.  I pray your holidays are filled with sweet moments, precious memories, joy, and laughter.  My gifts won't come wrapped and sit underneath our tree.  My gifts are more valuable than anything that can be bought.  They are a 6'1 handsome young man with a smile that melts his momma's heart, a 14 year old beauty with eyes that shine when she laughs who has a sense of humor that makes us laugh until our sides ache, and a  tiny gherkin whose laughter fills the rooms of our home and whose eyes  sparkle with mischief.  I'm just so excited that Christmas time is here again.

Merry Christmas my precious friends.  May you feel the love of the Father surround you and may peace fill your homes and your hearts.


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