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Seriously...Valentine's Day?

I'm not one to be all anti holiday and such...but seriously...Valentines Day?  I just don't get it.   It seems so fake and completely made up to me.   Needless to say Dave did come home with a gift at lunch time:)  I had to laugh out loud when reading his card because he actually wrote how much he hated picking out a Valentines day card because they are all so sweet and mushy and thats really not what I'm in too.  Ha!  Wash, fold, and put away a load of laundry and your speaking my love language!

Valentine's Day is a day more for the teenage, young love population and I think thats all fine and dandy.  Except when your daughter's very first boyfriend decides he doesn't like to celebrate it and you watch her try and put on a brave face acting like she doesn't want to either:(  To be honest that made my heart sad for her.

Anyway, I've been thinking a lot about loving on my people this week and what that means.  I mean what does that look like?  I wanted to put it into action and actively love on them a little.  For Dave it looked like cleaning and organizing his closet for work.  He hates trying to figure out what goes with what to wear into the office.  For Blake it looked like lunch on me today and putting some gas into his tank.  For Allie it was doing the dishes and cleaning her room for her so when she came in from school she didn't have any chores to do and got to take a nap instead.  Let that girl get a little extra sleep and she is the happiest kid around!  For my sweet Ash it was super easy.  A little Dumbo on Netflix, Bambi on the Ipad and snuggling in next to her on the couch as she "told" me all about her favorite parts was all it took.  Give her my full attention and her little hands "talk and talk and talk".

She's the sweetest thing.  I love the way she loves on me throughout our day.  Her mouth may never speak the words "I love you" and she may never choose to sign it either, but her eyes, those sweet, sparkly eyes light up when she pats for me to sit down next to her and then the way she looks at me tells me how very much she loves me.  Every once in a while she will wrap her arms around my neck and squeeze me tight and I know in those moments how very much she loves me.  I can't explain how very good it feels to be loved by her.  I only asked the Father for one thing when she was born.  I asked that she be able to give and receive love.  Its all that really mattered to this mommy's heart and He has been so GRACIOUS with us.  She LOVES us well and KNOWS how well she is loved.  I am so thankful for that answered prayer.  So very thankful.

Things haven't changed too much around here.  Ash is still on an IV antibiotic and this morning she woke up with a terrible amount of 3rd spacing.  She can't even open her right eye!  I had planned on letting her ride her bike to the baseball game this afternoon, but I'm not so sure I can explain her appearance to anyone so I'm undecided about whether or not we will go.  She feels fine, but looks awful!  Blake's not playing yet because he has a playoff game Friday night for basketball so we were going just to support the team.  If they lose then he will be released from basketball and allowed to play baseball in Saturday's game.  Speaking of Blake he's still sickly and the doctor told him this morning he would remain that way until he slowed down and allowed his body to rest.  Well...we all know that's not going to happen based on his baseball schedule until around August.  I guess he will be battling this junk until then.  He and I have both had it since early December and just can't shake it.  This morning we agreed that we are just sick of being sick!  Thankfully we are the only two that currently have it in the house.  Ash has been the least affected by it and Dave and Allie have had a couple of rounds each.  I'm beginning to think mine may have switched into a pneumonia mode because my lungs are awful sounding!

Anyway, that's whats been going on.  I'm so sorry for the lack of posts.  In all honesty I just don't feel good and I'm pretty worn down.  Its beginning to take a toll on me and even though I think of writing often I just don't put the words down.  I apologize for that.  By the time evening comes around I'm so ready to rest I keep putting if off.

So, let me just say if you like to celebrate Valentine's Day then I hope yours is blessed and that you feel loved by all those around you today.  Love you guys, Trish


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