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She Made It!

  I'm happy to announce that our Allie B. has secured a position on the 2013-2014 Pine Tree High School Cheer Squad! Yeah!!!   On top of that... all her friends made it too!  Its going to be a great year.  I'm so proud of her!

Blake hit his first home run of the season this weekend!  Its been a rough start coming out of basketball season and rolling right into baseball, but good things are beginning to happen.  We are hoping to use this high school season to warm up and get his bat ready to be hot as he transitions right into his tournament season this summer.  He needs to be in his best performance shape and ready to play June 1.  He has a 55 game schedule over a 60 day period in June and July of this year.

We are finally finished with the pre-district tournament schedule and are ready for what counts toward a run at the playoffs to begin as soon as Spring Break concludes this week.

Ashley Kate is beginning to feel more like herself and although there is still a large mass behind her right ear there is no longer any drainage, redness, or fever accompanying it.  She is still quite swollen, but I'm not so sure that will reside with the current state of her venous system.  We have yet to find another specialist that will see her for this current infection, but are still looking.  So far the referrals have been denied.

I know she's starting to feel better because she's more active and her laughter abounds once again.  She giggles from early morning to late at night.  Its hard to worry when listening to those giggles.  She's back to making a mess of the playroom and I couldn't be happier to have a mess to clean up!

We have 12 weeks of school left until summer and I think life will settle into a steady pattern of baseball and soccer games.  I'm so happy to be on the down side of this school year and look forward to enjoying these last few months with my kiddos.  In a perfect world Ash wouldn't be battling massive infections, but as long as I see that smile on her face and twinkle in her eye I can't help but feel encouraged.  I find it hard to believe that its time to begin working on her 8th birthday party already.  Knowing that we will be gone most of June and July we only have 3 months to pull it together.  I'm super excited about the theme for this year!  Its going to be so much fun:)


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