Ashley's Story

She will leave fingerprints all over your heart


First Dose

The first dose of antibiotic if finally running!  It is so very hard to watch her be sick all the while knowing without a doubt its a line infection, but still having to wait for the machine to beep positive in the lab.  Then to wait all night long for the pharmacy to open this morning is brutal, but all that is behind us now, and we have started treating.  There are no id's or sensitivities yet, but we are hitting her with some big gun, broad spectrums, and hoping for quick results.

She was free of the round the clock IV med schedule for 2 weeks.  Now we are back at it.  I hate it for her. Hate it for her struggling liver.  Hate it for those fragile kidneys.

If we are lucky by this evening or tomorrow morning she will perk up, stop the vomiting, and feel a little more like herself.  Thankfully the fevers broke last night and she seems to have remained free of them this morning.

She's lying really still in her bed, covered in soft blankets, and watching Bambi.  She's been asking to go in the car since her eyes opened in the early morning hours, but I'm not sure just yet.  I keep telling her we will wait and see.


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