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Calling It A Night

10:44 pm 7-27-2006

Well, things are beginning to settle down and we are going to turn in. I managed to talk Trish into going back to the hotel room to spend the night, although I won't be surprised a bit if she returns way before morning. I do hope she gets some sleep. I will go lay down in the room with Ash and be with her through the night. They intend on weaning her off the vent tonight and have already begun to back it off a bit. They will slowly bring the settings down through the night in hopes of having it off in the morning. Ash has really not been awake since the surgery and has not made any sounds. They say to expect that to change when the vent comes off. They say she will be on less sedation and be awake more tomorrow. They are working to prepare us as she will be in a lot of pain and will cry most of the time tomorrow. Please pray for us as I expect tomorrow to be a much much harder day for all of us. Thank you for praying for Ash and thank you for your prayers for her donors family. It means so much to us.

I will update in the morning. Goodnight.


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