Ashley's Story

She will leave fingerprints all over your heart


Is it morning yet?

I am so grateful to have last night behind us. We got to see Ashley around 2:oo this morning. She was sedated for a couple of hours very heavily and then she began to stir. You can see her crying and trying to scream, but because of the ventilator you can not hear her. This is breaking my heart! I want so badly to touch her and hold her. We try to stay very quiet and not say much in her room so she can rest without stirring. Originally they had decided to not give any pain meds because they had hoped to take her off of the vent this morning, but at 6:15 they began to make her more comfortable. They eventually hung a continuous drip of meds and have decided to leave her on the vent today. She is very swollen and does not look like herself. I have never seen so many tubes and machines coming out of something so tiny. All of this is scary so I try to just talk to God continuously on her behalf. She is having a little trouble with blood sugar so they took blood from her heels every hour last night. That was tough. They are telling us it will take a few days for the pancrease to figure everything out.

All in all they say things are ok for now. She spiked a temp and they are being very cautious. The most dangerous thing we are facing today is infection. Please pray for God to protect her tiny body. It has been through so much.

I think I am still in shock that we are here. Ashley received her organs after being listed for only 20 days! This is such evidence that God is working on her behalf. The hospital and transplant staff are incredible. I am so thankful that God redirected our path from Miami to Omaha. I really feel we are in the right place.

The next few days will be long and very critical. So many things could go wrong. Please remember to pray for Blake and Allie. They are being so very brave and unselfish. I know they are scared today. Blake has chosen not to see her until they remove the ventilator. His heart is too tender to see her struggle against the machine right now. God has truly blessed us with 3 incredible children. Thank you for loving us, thank you for your messages they are bringing us such strength, and thank you for caring for Ashley. God Bless.


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