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This morning...

I woke after a long, long night of wrestling, jostling for position, and fighting for covers to a beautiful sight. Our girls, the ten year old beauty and the two year old miracle, lay fast asleep in my bed. Their hair was a mess, their eyes were shut tight to keep out the rays of sunshine peeking through the blinds, their jammies were twisted, and their covers were in a tangled pile at the foot of the bed. My heart was overwhelmed with love in the early morning hour. I fell (literally) out of the bed and neither of them moved a muscle. So I tiptoed into Blake's room to find a sight just a beautiful as the one I had left. Our son, now so tall that his feet hang of the end of his mattress, lay sleeping soundly unaware that I had entered to look for a pillow and blanket for myself. I watched him sleep for a moment thankful that he was here in our home and not in the place I found him in my dream the night before. Here he lay safe and sound. Still twelve years old. Still in the sixth grade. Still a child. All was well. Next I moved into the family room to wait until the house awoke for the day.

As Dave attended an out of town seminar this weekend I found myself here alone and not liking it very well. Sure I had plenty to keep me busy like painting and re painting the girls rooms, running the kids to this place and that, taking care of and playing with Ashley Kate, trips to Walmart and Home Depot, etc., etc., but life just wasn't as fun as it normally is. I missed him like crazy. I asked the kids if they thought Dad missed me and Ash as much when were in Omaha as we miss him when hes in Dallas and they both answered with a loud, "YES". I'm not sure if they are right or not, but I've said it before and I'll say it again, we are just better together.

The weekend went smoothly enough while he was gone, but I'm glad hes back home tonight. I'm glad he was here to tuck the children into bed and to pray with them. I'm glad he is here playing with Ashley Kate as he sneaks in her adjustment. I'm glad he is here to talk my ear off about all that he and the girls from the office learned this weekend. I'm glad he is here to hold my hand as I fall asleep tonight, and I'm glad God gave him to us. Glad God gave him to Blake to be his role model. Glad God gave him to Allie to be her hero. Glad God gave him to Ashley Kate to be her favorite play mate. Glad God gave him to me to be more than just my husband. I'm glad God made us friends.

The house is silly again tonight. Full of laughter. Full of nonsense. Full of their dad and my friend. It really is a great house to grow up in (especially since the head of it still hasn't). Life is good and it is blessed. Good night. Trish


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