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Being a Girl

I'm sitting here watching my almost 13 year old play "hair bows" with my almost 3 year old and it warms my heart. He has fully irritated his little sister by clipping numerous bows into her hair, but has also made her giggle(along with his mom) as he began clipping them into his own hair just to make her smile. Ash HATES hair bows! I LOVE hair bows. So whats a girl to do? Well, when your less than 3 ft tall and less than 3 years old then you don't really have much of a choice. Mom wins this battle(trust me when I tell you that she wins most of them so I don't feel that bad). In our house if your a girl you wear a bow. Thats the rule. I firmly believe God gave me these little girls to make them look like little girls. Nothing is more frustrating to me than for some one to walk up and ask "how old is "he"?" Are you kidding me? Do you not see the ENORMOUS bow on her head and the pink outfit and the pink stroller and the pink diaper bag? Anyway, I got side tracked. My whole point is that my heart just glows as I watch Blake be a big brother to Ashley Kate. She loves him so much and at this moment she loves him even more because he gave her the bow box to empty(yes, I meant to say box because we have one that is absolutely full of bows for Ashley Kate's little ponytail). For a girl who sure hates to wear them she really does love to throw them all over the family room. What a mess!

So, we are waiting on Ms. Sue to arrive for therapy(Ash doesn't know this yet). Then we will be traveling to Schumpert to see our surgeon about Ashley's central line. They called yesterday evening and asked if we would drive over to clinic today. Nor really her or my idea of a good time, but we need to make decisions about the future of this line and the future of her coumidin dosing. We are hopeful that this will be the last week she is on it.

Ash gets to do something pretty exciting in our house starting today. She has earned a 10 hour window off of her feeding pump. That allows her to have 5 hours off before her first meal and then she goes on for 2, then off for 5 more before her second meal. At this time she is eating between 70-100 calories each meal and we are hoping to get her to eat more with this window. In addition to this change we get to change her from the elemental Neocate to a toddler formula. All if this is good, good, good.

Back to the back packs. Many of you have been interested and in order to keep your orders straight I would appreciate it if you could send me an e-mail and give me the specifics of your choices one more time? It would help me in making sure everyone gets what they ordered and that they are happy. I have no idea of seeing what your e-mail addresses or blog addresses are in the forum that we use to receive your comments so corresponding with you through the blog is difficult. The shipping is expected to be around $5. Several have asked about ordering them for little boys. In my opinion they would look a little feminine, but if you want I will be happy to get them for you anyway. Again I want to say that they are miniature backpacks. Not good for carrying books or school supplies. I will not cash any of your checks until I arrive in Canton and see that they can fill my order. It is getting pretty large so I want to make sure the vendor is able to complete the work for me before your money is cashed. Once I have the back packs then I will come home and deposit your checks. This way your don't need to worry why you haven't seen the check clear until the second week in August. If you have any more questions just e-mail me at Hope this helps.

Well, its time to get on the road so I will visit with you later. Have a great day. Trish


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