Ashley's Story

She will leave fingerprints all over your heart


Have you ever...

...walked through the Peppermint Forest? ...climbed over the Gumdrop Mountains? ...swam across the Chocolate Swamp? ...stopped by Grandma Nuts house for for a warm, peanut butter cookie?... slid down the Rainbow Trail? ...and arrived at King Candy's Castle? If not then you have no idea what you will be missing out on at Ashley Kate's 3rd birthday celebration!

We spent our holiday weekend hand painting table cloths, life sized character cut outs from the classic children's game Candy land, and planing, planing, planing for the celebration of her lifetime! We had so much fun working together in the shop. We started early each morning and didn't stop until way past our bedtimes(one morning we painted until 2am!). I'm not sure who is more excited Dave and I or Blake and Allie? Ashley Kate is clue less, but we don't care. She just looks at the big characters and smiles and claps. Say the word "pretty" and she giggles. The countdown has begun and as bad as I want to show you the amazing pieces we have designed to put together her life size party game I won't until her birthday. All I know is that if it has been a while since you played a round of Candy Land then let me encourage you to pull one out and let the smile that comes across your face slip into your heart. We have had more fun this weekend then I can even describe. I can't wait for the party!

She continued to amaze us over the weekend and each day we grow more and more excited. Every inch might as well be a mile as far as we are concerned. She now pushes herself all over her play area in each direction turning round and round. We put her down on her back for a nap and when we came in to check on her she had rolled over and was on her hands and knees!!! We are so encouraged! Our hearts are happy and grateful and some day soon she might actually figure out how to crawl. I can't wait for the day that I can post about that.

We are having some issues with her central line and I am going to try and figure them out before we leave for Blake's National Tournament on Friday. It doesn't want to draw anymore and everybody wants blood this week. I am hoping it is only positional and nothing else. Dave and I want to have it removed as soon as we return from this trip, but it will require her to stay in the hospital for a whole week because of her coumidin. I am hesitant to take her in because I don't want to lose any of the progress she is making. Anyway, just a little bump in our road that I am hoping can be smoothed out soon. Other than that she is doing great and feeling so good.

Well I am off to the shop to finish painting Princess Lolly and assemble candy garland and lollipops. Wish you were here to join us! Nothing beats feeling like a kid again. Hope you have a great day! Trish


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