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She will leave fingerprints all over your heart


Investigating Even Further

Last weeks biopsy was a mess. The findings are all over the place and this morning I was told that we just have to go back in and figure things out. The bowel is a mess and no one really knows anything except that it is sick. Really sick.

We have been scheduled for biopsy around 2:30 this afternoon and our hope is that we will have results by tomorrow. I say we hope because we know that didn't happen last week.

Ashley hasn't peed in four days. I mean no more than 30ccs per day. She needs to urinate 160cc every 12 hours. It's not happening. We decided to run an albumin bolus of 250 over two hours and then chase with lasix in hopes of stimulating her kidneys. Its not good on the kidneys, but neither is not peeing. Well, the albumin backed up and blocked her pic line and now we are at a stand still. They are hoping to open the line back up with TPA, but that will take about an hour and a half. Then we still have to get the albumin in before we go to biopsy. Problem? If this line is lost then they want to start peripheral IVs. I don't feel Ash should suffer through multiple sticks because some one made a mistake with her albumin infusion. In my opinion everything can just wait in line. We will take one thing at a time and start with opening this pic line back up. If things run late, then things run late.

She slept the entire day yesterday, but this morning she got up, got dressed, had her hair done, and was sitting on her rug watching Blue. She's not in the best mood, but its a huge improvement over her weekend. To see her dressed and sitting after the trouble she was in on Saturday is huge.

Ashley is stooling 150cc per kilo. That is almost a constant flow of stool coming out into her ostomy bag. She needs to be stooling 35cc per kilo. We are losing almost 5 times the amount she should. This is a huge problem. It lets us know that the rejection and the virus have her bowel torn up and this is why we must take another look today. What is going on inside of her? This may not be the last one of the week. Honestly, I need to hear good news today. Something encouraging. Anything will help. It was a long, long weekend.


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