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Unexpected Blessing

Just when I thought this would be another long, lonely weekend in the hospital guess what I found out tonight? Ash and I are having visitors tomorrow afternoon. We are SO excited! My mom and one of my sisters are coming to visit! I can't believe it! They are jumping in the car around 6 in the morning and making the 9 hour drive from their home to our little hospital room here in Omaha. It couldn't have come at a better time for us. This has been one of the most difficult, most disappointing weeks ever. I so need this!

This news made tonight a little easier on us. We have something to look forward to. Usually Friday nights kick off the "weekend depression"(not really depression but extreme sadness) for me. When were at home in Texas we are always busy getting ready for a weekend full of fun. Tonight was no exception. After spending the day with her dad(they had a great time even though Dave had to step out of the movie to keep from getting sick and call me to ask, "Is this whole thing gonna be singing?" I really think he just used that as an excuse to buy more popcorn!) Allie had plans with her best friend tonight. Blake worked with his youth group at a Fall Festival and had a good time being one of the "older" kids this year. He called to give me all the details and I so enjoyed our conversation. (Do you even know how much I love this kid? He is such an amazing person and I miss seeing him so much.)

The Tarheels have a baseball tournament this weekend and Allie is playing soccer. Dave got a jump on things this week(I think he's finally figuring life out without us) and had their uniforms washed and ready before tonight. I am so proud of him for that. Last Friday I asked Allison if her uniform was ready and the tears began to flow. "No. I haven't even seen it since you left. Mommy, I really NEED someone to come take care of me. The hampers are overflowing to the TOP!" I assured her that her dad was doing a great job but that it was just gonna take him a little time to figure how to do all my jobs too. When I talked to Dave around 10pm he hadn't even thought about them. So off to the hampers he went to try and track them down and then he had to stay up washing them when he really just wanted to be in bed.

Last I heard the guys were snacking on pumpkins seeds, Blake was in "his" spot, under "his" blanket, and Allie was getting all geared up for our Internet shopping trip tomorrow. She is desperate for clothes and I hadn't yet bought her any for the fall. I told her to get ready to shop. Its a little unconventional but I don't know any other way to do it. We are both going to be on the computers, talking over the phone, and trying to choose what she needs. This is better than sending her dad back to the mall with her. I'm afraid he might not know what he is doing in this area. They tried to shop for shoes together this morning and I ended up ordering them online tonight and having them shipped to her next week. Its really crazy the way our life works when Ash and I have be in Omaha.

It should be a quiet night for us. Ash had her 4hour infusion this afternoon and her gancyclovir at 6 this evening. She has no meds scheduled through tonight so once I rock this tired baby to sleep(she hasn't had a nap today because of the long infusions) we should have a good rest. Her tummy doesn't seem to be hurting near as much today and I'm really hoping she is over the worst of that. Seeing her in that much pain has been really very trying. Hopefully I won't have to mess with her until labs at 5:30. Just thinking of having that many hours of sleep in a row has me excited! We have to get all rested up because we've got at least 3 ballgames to listen to over the phone tomorrow. Oh, how I wish we were really going to be there watching instead of just pretending.

I hope your night was blessed. Our's has been really quiet and we were so ready for one of those. Thanks guys for keeping us in your prayers. We love ya'll. Good night. Trish


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