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Adams Family Holiday photos...

...take 1, I mean 2, no 3, Oh, just forget it! We tried and that's what really counts. At least I have a few to look back on in 20 years and laugh about. This is the best we got out of hundreds so enjoy! I'm not even sure we have one that we could try and pass off as a Christmas card.

My first mistake was holding Ashley Kate. This girl is too ornery. She wouldn't quit pushing my nose. She wanted me to say, "BEEEEEEP", but all I could do was laugh because had I asked her to do this to show anyone that she knew where my nose was do you think she would have obliged? Are you kidding! I think next time I'll have Dave hold her. I just hope she doesn't try and pick his. You never know what those two will come up with when their together.

This one is actually my favorite.
A. because everyone is acting silly and that pretty much sums us up.
B. because you can't see my whole face. In light of the fact that I have grown a couple of extra chins over the last 3 years I for one think this is a good thing. You won't be seeing any of the shots where I was actually trying to look at the camera instead of wrestling Ash. Lets just leave it at that.

Now on to my favorites. The ones of the children. How can you not love this face? I mean she's gorgeous! I look into those twinkling eyes and get lost.

Too sweet. Too innocent. Too...ok, lets be real about this. I'm not sure who Ash was trying to fool. We all know this child is not always as sweet as she's pretending to be in this photograph. Did you look close enough at the first one. She is pressing her finger onto my nose continually not allowing us to take a "real" family holiday photo. She is SO ornery, but I SO love her!

We were freezing. In Texas thats saying something. If you live in Nebraska please don't laugh at us, but the wind WAS blowing and it WAS only 58 degrees. When standing down at the pond that makes for a cold photo session. Our sweet baby HAD to have all of her photographs taken in her coat(that I only bought in case we spent our winter in Nebraska. I couldn't believe we actually go to use it here at home in Texas). The older kids were begging for their coats too(I'm talking all "3" of them with Dave complaining about being cold more than the others). Nope, only the baby gets to be warm. Now be quiet and smile!

There isn't a photo of Allison Brooke that I don't love. I think she's beautiful. I could look at her all day and never grow tired of her face. What a wonderful girl she has matured into. We so enjoy this child.

One of my ABSOLUTE favorites. Blake was talking to Ashley Kate during one of our breaks as we loaded new cards into the camera. I love the look on her face as she stares up at him.

Again, I think the girls are just gorgeous! I'll keep this one around for quite a while.

I wish Ash had looked up in this one, but then again its pretty sweet the way it is. She was signing a whole string of things to the kids during these photos and they looked on trying to figure out what she was saying. I'm not sure we really need to know what she had on her mind as we sat her in the cold for over an hour, but the picture is too sweet.

Finally, I'll end on this note. I really love my kids, and I'm so thankful they cooperated as well as they did. Family photographs are not really Blake's thing these days, but he was really great and I was so thankful he put up with me and my cameras. We don't need to talk about the last hour of the session where I took the best photographs of the day with the children playing in the leaves and Ashley Kate giggling all the while. Nope. Let's not talk about it because once I returned home I realized someone had filled the photo card I placed in that camera and removed it and put it in their pocket without me knowing it I almost cried and its too early to cry today.

Hope you enjoyed our attempt at a family holiday photo. Who knows maybe I'll come up with some kind of a card with all of these. I'll think about it.

Enjoy your day. Trish


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