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Infusion Complete!

We did it! After a very long week of phone calls and frustrations we finally scheduled her albumin infusion and it is now complete. Afterward we met Dave for a quick lunch and are now back home ready to take a short nap before picking up Blake and Al.

Only a half day of school remains until the Thanksgiving holiday officially begins. I remember so well my desire to be in that carpool line this time last year. It didn't happen, but this year I will be the one in that line retrieving two of my three most treasured people in the world. God is really good!

Our holiday plans have been altered because of Ash's fragile state(Colorado is a little too far to travel with her), but still we are looking forward to an amazing time of game playing and fellowship for 4 full days. Dave and I are SO excited. Next Sunday I will be treating him and my two brother in laws to the Trans Siberian Orchestra Holiday Concert in early celebration of Dave's 35th birthday(its not until next month). The guys are really looking forward to it! I'll do anything not to have to endure that noisy, smoke filled, laser light, show ever again. Its just not my thing, but oh how Dave loves that group. So I think an extra two concert tickets is a bargain that affords me more time with my sisters. We both win! The kids will be traveling Saturday so that they have more time to hang out with their cousins and then Dave and will be RVing it(so Ash has a comfortable place to rest away from the crowds of the holidays when she needs it) to my sister's homes(you know, a couple of my favorite places in the world to be) on Wednesday evening arriving in the early morning hours of Thursday. Then the fun will begin. I can't wait to whip up on everyone in a round or two or thirty of Sequence, and then when I'm done with that I'm going to Kazink them all! If you haven't plaid Sequence, Kazink, or ever rolled yourself a good hand at Pigs then you don't know what you've been missing. Its not a holiday until you've played these games.

Our weekend should be quiet( probably too quiet without Blake and Allie), but enjoyable. Dave and I desperately need time to rest and reconnect. Its been a busy week since I arrived home. Can you believe its been a whole week? We plan on doing a little Christmas shopping(we found a kitchen set with Ashley Kate's name on it) and gift wrapping and then a lot of sleeping. I'm really looking forward to it. If all goes right in our world then we will be having family photographs taken tomorrow afternoon at the pond and then I will share them with all of you. Hopefully this can happen. Can you believe we've not sent cards out since Ash's birth? I know, its not even right to allow that to happen. Like I said, hopefully all will fall into place and this will be the year.

Blake's got ball practice tonight and Al has tae kwon do so I guess I better figure out whats for dinner so they won't have to starve. Then it will be time to pick them up and be on the run until late this evening. Hope your day was blessed and that your homes are gearing up for a wonderful holiday season. You are loved from a little yellow house in Texas. Take care my friends. Trish


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