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All Tucked In

The children are all tucked in and I spent precious moments with each of them in their rooms tonight. Honestly, we spent precious moments together all day long. What a great first day home we have had.

I'm hurting. Not my heart, but my body! Blake and I played basketball all day long. He whipped me. I tried to pretend as though I was letting him, but he's almost as good if not better than I am. I love basketball. I played for 8 years, coached for 10, and am now raising players. Well, Allie is taking this year off, but has promised she is playing next year in junior high. My body aches, and aches, and aches as I sit here completely wiped out. Its a good kind of ache. The kind you feel deep in your muscles because your no longer young and as cool as you used to be. Maybe some of you know what I'm talking about. The funnest part of playing with them today was having the ability to coach them as we played. They listen. They get it. I love to see them put into action what they have just learned. We had the best time.

In between games I made Blake's favorite lunch(chicken tacos). That boy can eat a taco or two! Allie played and played with Ashley Kate on the floor in the family room and those two girls giggled until they made my sides hurt. It was a beautiful sound. So precious. Ashley Kate is a happy, happy little girl. She's home. This is where she wants to be. The kids are so happy to have her back. Tonight I caught Blake leaned over into the crib telling her goodnight and kissing her on the forehead. The same place I have kissed him every night his whole life. It blessed my heart to see this teenage boy loving on his baby sister. I am so glad to have her back here.

Allie road her bike to the park today and Blake and I jogged along. Once we were there we played some 2 on 1 and a game of "PIG". Mom one the round of "PIG", but Blake beat Allie and I 11 to 8. Dave's mom and grandmother came over to see the pickle this afternoon and played for a while. It was really nice to see her giggling and interacting with everyone. Grandma stuck around to sit with Ash while we went over to the park.

Dave is on the road to Dallas this evening. He will be at his old stomping grounds (Parker Chiropractic College) for the next couple of days on business, but we will join him tomorrow evening for Blake's last baseball tournament of the season. We are looking forward to having some quality time in the RV together as we play board games, bake Blake and Al's favorite cookies and hang out between the ballgames. Ash loves to travel in the RV and she is going to be smiling from ear to ear.

I thought it would take me a while to get back into the swing of things, but I guess its something you never really forget how to do. TPN, IV replacements, ins and outs, drawing labs, and meds, its all going really well. I'm tired because I feel as though my brain is in over drive making sure I don't forget to do something, but still its going well. She looks really good and we were able to decrease TPN and increase her feedings for the first time in days. My fingers are crossed that she'll do ok on the new amounts tonight.

Its been an incredibly busy day, but my heart has been so blessed. Blake killed Al and I in a game of Monopoly tonight and he went to bed a happy man. Allie and I just shook our heads and realized that we will probably never beat that kid. He is just so driven to win. Tomorrow we will pack, organize, and get back on the road. Sunday evening we will begin our holiday decorating. I can hardly wait.

I'm going in to check on the pickle, figure her replacements, and then lay myself down. Somehow I think me and my happy heart will have no trouble at all finding some sleep.

I'll visit with ya'll in the morning. Good night from our little yellow house in Texas where this mom and her kids(all 3 of them) will be fast asleep before you finish reading this post. God bless. Trish


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