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Can't Sleep

So I'm hanging out with this little pickle instead. She's up and I'm up so why not get out of bed and look through the pics I snapped today. Something about this one caught my eye. I just love this girl!

I'd watch a little TV or put in a movie except that I convinced Dave to help me disassemble and move the entire system yesterday so that I would have more room in the family room for our Christmas tree. The room looks great and the look on the kids faces when they came home from school and I announced we wouldn't be turning the TV on until after the first of the year was PRICELESS. Guess I didn't think about me and Ash and the all nighters we tend to pull together. Oh, well...we've got pictures to look at (around 15,000 or so) and loads of laundry to wash. Might as well make good use of these late night hours.

Sure wish I could sleep. My eyes are so tired as is my body, but my mind won't allow us to rest. I know tomorrow will hold what it holds and that laying awake all night wondering what it will be won't change a thing. Yeah, I know that, but that knowledge isn't doing me any good. So, I'll just go back to my pictures and pick out a few more favorites. Just wanted you to see how adorable she was this afternoon. Good night. Again. Trish


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