Ashley's Story

She will leave fingerprints all over your heart


Such JOY!

She absolutely radiates with it. Her joy is undeniable. It is in her voice. Her giggle. Her eyes. On her face. Shown beautifully when she smiles. So precious as she celebrates with the clapping of her tiny hands. We love her so very much. Can you tell? Just look at the joy on his face!

Ashley Kate has done so much for us. As parents Dave and I have learned more from this little girl than we will ever be able to teach her. Life lessons that would have never come if she had not. Oh, how we love each moment we are given with this little life. This little spirit. She reaches inside of me and brings out the very best I have to offer.

I can't tell you how many times we have been "advised" to let her go(not by our physicians, but by well meaning on lookers). We have been "lovingly" told to just allow her to slip away. To let her go to Jesus and never look back. Just last week Dave had a "one sided" conversation where he was told we were holding her back from true healing and peace. I was once told that I wouldn't put a dog through what I put Ashley Kate through and that I needed to show mercy to her and allow her to die. Those words however they were meant cause such pain. Although I try to share her with you, if you haven't met our Ashley then you can't truly understand the light that is seen in her eyes. The joy He placed inside of her. The happiness that she has. When I see our Ashley like she is in this photo (taken just last night) I wonder how anyone could ask us to give up on her? I just can't. I'm so glad we haven't.

We truly believe He created her to do big things. Our tiny girl has a job to do and only the Father knows when it will end. Only He can take her from us. Tonight I watch her sleep so peacefully in her crib with her Christmas lights twinkling and casting sweet shadows on her cheeks and I rest in the knowledge that we are doing everything humanly possible to give her life. An abundant life. One that she will enjoy to the fullest extent she possibly can. We won't give up on her. We believe in her.

We have been blessed. Blessed to know her. To hold her. To rock her. To giggle with her. To love her. So blessed! Much more than we deserve.


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