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She will leave fingerprints all over your heart



That's the result we are waiting to see. We drew new cultures this afternoon and are hoping nothing grows. If we can get a negative then we can be discharged home sometime this week. If it comes back positive then we will wait another 2 days until we check again. The bug has still not been identified. All we know is that there are no gram positive rods only gram negatives showing themselves. That means we stopped one of the anti-biotics and are now dosing only one drug every 12 hours. Hopefully we might get some sleep tonight. That would be a huge blessing because I'm about to drop.

I started her feedings back last night at half the rate she was at before getting this bug. She seems to have tolerated them ok. No vomiting, but a high stool output. We won't be advancing until her bowel can slow down the output a little.

With all the stopping of her TPN to run meds every few hours she woke up pretty dry this morning. She hasn't been able to pee more than a few drops since 5pm yesterday. Were trying to catch her back up on her fluids today and expect things to get better now that we will only be stopping her IV fluids and TPN twice a day for an hour.

She's napping now with the cutest pair of big girl pig tails you've ever seen and huge pink and red bows. I sure am missing my camera! I think I'll lay down and try and close my eyes for a few minutes too.

Dave and the kids are kayaking(sp?) this afternoon and then they will be headed home this evening. Can't wait to see them. Have a great day and take care. Trish


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