Ashley's Story

She will leave fingerprints all over your heart


Its what we do

Ashley Kate and I are spending our weekend(and maybe a little of next week too) in the hospital and Dave and the kids have run off to spend the weekend in our anniversary cabin at Beaver's Bend. Its just what we do.

The cultures I drew from last night grew back a bad bug. Gram negative something or other. So here we sit. Ash is currently receiving some anti-biotics and the plan is to hopefully get some clear stains in the next few days and then finish up on our own back home. This is actually something new for us. She hasn't had a line infection since she was 6 months old and so this admission is a little different. The funny thing is that this particular bug is usually a chest and lung bug and she happens to have a beautifully clear chest x-ray. Praise God for that one.

Ash looks pretty good at this time. This morning her presentation was a little scary, but it only lasted an hour or so and then she bounced back and is behaving like her happy, little self. She's not even fussing. Just waving to people(waving for them to go bye-bye and pointing out the door to them) and being really sweet. I sure love this little girl. I would show you some pics of just how cute she is being, but my travel camera is broken and our good one is on its way to Beavers Bend with Dave and the kids. So you'll have to trust me when I tell you she's pretty cute today.

The kids were torn about wanting to go and wanting to stay because of Ash, but in the end Dave and I decided that we would continue to raise them with our philosophy of you might as well live life if your going to be alive. Its what we do. Ashley Kate's journey has taught us about whats important in this life and whats not so important. Ash and mom hang out at hospitals when we have to and their lives go on because we choose for them too. If we stopped living with Blake and Al every time Ash got sick they would miss so much and were just not willing to do that. Of course there are times when she's critical and we want them close by, but that's a different story then what we are currently going through (again I praise God for that). Anyway I know they are going to have a great time and they will have their dad's undivided attention. They deserve that this weekend and Ash has mine. Again, its what we do.

Dave and I will get our time together just as soon as Ash comes off TPN and has this line removed. We can celebrate 16 years anytime. It didn't have to be this weekend or last. That's just silly. Who knows maybe we'll be able to venture a little farther than just a couple of hours? That could be fun? He promised we'd do something and I believe him. We both really want to get away at some point.

So I hope your weekend plans are going according to what you had hoped. Ours tend to get a little crazy never really knowing how the pickle is going to be feeling. Take care and God bless. Trish


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