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She will leave fingerprints all over your heart


"No offense Daddy..."

Its kind of a sad day for me. Dave leaves this afternoon on a four day business trip. That makes my heart sad. Sad because I hate to be here without him. Life is better when he walks in the door each day and when he doesn't...time just drags on. Night time is the worst for me when he's gone. I hear absolutely every single noise this old house of ours makes. I don't sleep well. I check on the kids a hundred times just to make sure their still in their beds. Its going to be a long, long weekend.

Last night I told Dave, "I'm so sad when your gone."

Allie heard me and said, "Yeah, me too."

"I can't believe your going to leave for four whole days, " I was trying to get Dave to show some sort of remorse about leaving me here with a full schedule and the pickle to get out to the baseball tournament and soccer fields. It wasn't working. He needs this trip and its important for the practice and the family and deep down inside I know that(although I'm still pouting about it). I just wish I were going too cause a walk along the beach would be great about now(yesterday he walked in and asked,"You wanna go with me?" " know I do" Its just a little too late to be asking me that!")

Allie announced, "Well, No offense Daddy, BUT I would rather you leave for four days then Ashley have to go the hospital and leave for only two days. I mean I want you to be home, but I'm really sad and scared when Ashley has to leave home."

She's right. I think I agree. There's really nothing that can compare to the sadness and fear we all experience each and every time Ash has to leave home. So, were going to survive this LONG weekend and Dave will come home again Sunday evening. It will all be just fine.

To help pass the time(and make me totally exhausted) our weekend schedule includes:

Baseball practice from 2:30 -5(ish. Monday it lasted until around 6) tonight.
Soccer practice from 5:30-6:30 tonight.
Hitting practice after school tomorrow.
Bible study(for Blake) tomorrow night from 6:00-10:00.
Baseball game 8am Saturday morning.
Baseball game 1pm Saturday afternoon.
Soccer game 4pm Saturday afternoon. We're hoping she gets to play.
Tournament play all day Sunday.
Bible study(for Blake) Sunday evening.
Dave's arrival sometime Sunday evening.

On top of Dave being out of town so is his mom. So instead of having her help, his dad and grandma are going to try and pitch in with the pickle early Saturday morning so she doesn't have to leave the house at 6:30am. I hope things go well!

I suppose I should get started on this morning. I have to finish packing for Dave and then start rounding up practice uniforms, bat bags, catchers equipment, soccer balls, cleats, etc., etc. and get them loaded in the car. Here's hoping I don't forget anything. I honestly have no idea who does all this stuff for them when Ash and I are gone. I know it gets done somehow, but they aren't letting me in on their little secret. To be honest, I love all of this. It makes me tired, but its a happy, content, fulfilled kind of tired. You know what I mean? Life is really good and we are really blessed. Have a great day and if you don't here from me over the weekend then enjoy your weekend too. Take care. Trish

Ash slept all night in her own bed last night with no coughing, vomiting, or waking up! This would be her first successful night since arriving home(which means I slept all night except for changing fluids around 2am. Yeah us!). I'm really, really hoping she's on the mend for a good long stretch.


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