Ashley's Story

She will leave fingerprints all over your heart


I don't love...

...waiting rooms.

...recovery rooms. rooms.

...and ridiculous HIPPA nonsense! That means absolutely nothing except that everyone employed at any level by the hospital(including some who aren't. For example: students) are allowed to know and discuss whatever they would like about your daughter with whom ever they would like, but you aren't allowed to have your own child's test results, lab work, files, etc. etc without signing your life away. I really, really don't love this one.


... Ashley Kathrine Adams and every single day I get to spend being her mom.

and this quilt that was sent to her by one of our readers. Its wonderful and Ash loves to point to all the cats and sign "kitty cat". The colors make me smile! Thank you so very much.

If I look at the big picture then the things I don't love about these days pale in comparison to the the little girl that I do love.

She's been in surgery for exactly an hour and I haven't heard anything other than that they are working on placement. I'm not good at this part of our life. Especially when its just me and Ash on our own to work our way through days like this. You would think I'd be getting used to this type of thing, but I'm not. Call me stubborn.

We have lots going on this week. I was supposed to help serve lunch at the school this morning for Allie's class fundraiser. Blake has his first batting practice this afternoon with the school's baseball team and I REALLY wanted to be there to watch. Allie has soccer Tuesday evening. Ash has therapy on Wednesday. Blake has hitting lessons that night. Allie has soccer again Thursday. Then she has a slumber party on Friday at a friends. We're supposed to leave for the baseball tournament on Friday evening. Allie's first soccer game this season is Saturday and the Tarheels season opener is Saturday and Sunday in Dallas. Ugh, I'm out of breath and that's just the extras.

Ok, this little ramble did the trick. Ash's surgeon just popped around the corner and he did get a broviac placed in her right sub clavian that exits the center of her chest. Whew! Its not a pic line. Its a more permanent central line that is much more difficult to pull out. They are working on getting her extubated and then will move her to recovery. Eventually I will get to go sit with her and then we will make our way back up to her room. Now, we just have to work on her fluid status and once she is back in balance and no longer dry we might make our way toward home this week.

I love home. Its my favorite place in this world. Talk to you guys soon. Trish


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