Ashley's Story

She will leave fingerprints all over your heart


She has no idea

Our sweet Ashley Kate is sitting in the middle of the bed, IV in the left arm(the one with her good vein), a quilt across her lap, and Blue on the DVD player. She is signing and pointing to me this morning and has no idea what she's done. The little stunt she pulled the other night has not only gotten her and I this unplanned "vacation" to Shreveport, but has also caused a whole lot of trouble. For her. The IV went in with no trouble. Our nurse was excellent and only had to stick her one time. She drew her blood at the same time and so yesterday was about as easy as it can get. Today may prove to be a whole different story.

They will be coming in here in just a few minutes to attempt to get blood drawn. I don't know if it will go quite as smooth as it did yesterday. Like I said the good vein already has an IV in it and all of her major veins are off limits due to the scheduled line placement. They have no idea what vein will give them access so nothing on the top half can be used other than the tiny vein in the top of her right hand. That leaves them her feet to choose from if the hand won't give up blood. Her veins are so tiny. Her little hands and feet are the thinnest, tiniest things you've ever seen. She has not "meat" so to say. I've watched this nurse(the one we have today who is really, really good) attempt blood draws from Ashley Kate when we here in October and it didn't go so well. She's not an easy stick and even the best can get stumped when attempting. The only thing that kept me from hurting some one that day was the fact that Dave was here keeping Ash hidden from me as the dug around attempting to get blood. He's not here today and I'm hoping to keep my composure, my testimony, and my mind all in tact as we attempt to get through the day ahead.

The line placement has them all worried. The surgeon has been in and isn't feeling that confident as he remembers the nightmare of very little open passages throughout her veins. He said "I'll get something. I just don't know what." He mentioned making an incision in her neck and attempting to gain access inside there. I have no idea what will actually take place. I only remember the same nightmare Dr. S is referring to. A 20 minute procedure lasting 2 hours. 27 attempts all over her neck and chest. Bruising and swelling that lasted for a week. It was so awful! My hope and prayer is that today will prove us both wrong. I pray for an easy procedure that results in a line that will allow us to go home as opposed to going well, you all no where.

Your prayers for Ash today would be appreciated. I know many of you continue to pray for her each and every day and you will never understand how grateful my heart is for each of your prayers. I'll let you know how the day progresses as soon as I can. Surgery is calling for her already and I haven't even gotten to shower yet and they failed to do the ultra sound showing what access is available. Hmmm... I wonder how this will work out? Gotta at least run and get dressed. Take care. Trish


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