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Take Me Out... the ballgame!

We are loading up and then we'll be on our way. It's SO exciting to be going back to the ballpark with our beloved Tarheels. Its been a little over 3 months since they've taken the field and we are ready to kick off the season. Who knows what will happen, but like Blake always says, "Its not about how many wins we get, its about the amount of experience we gain each time we take the field." I love that attitude! He gets better and better each and every time he takes the field.

Ash looks really good to us today. Her new cube chairs arrived(just like the ones she sits in at the hospital) and she has been up and playing all day. We are super excited to have them. Our hope is that she will learn to stand up to her feet from the sitting position. This morning she did an amazing job with the assistance of her gait trainer. We don't have the room for more therapy equipment and the primary red and yellow doesn't match our family room decor, but whatever works right?

We are going to attempt to start some feedings up over the weekend. A very small amount, but enough to let us know if her coughing has gotten enough under control to keep anything down. We are really hoping it works. Her liver numbers are starting to show some effects from being on TPN over the last 5 months. Both the ALT and AST enzymes are elevated and continue going up each week. Her bilirubin is climbing just a small amount, but it is the first climb in this value since transplant. Just things were paying close attention to and knowing that we really need to get her back on full feeds.

Well, its time to get on the road. I'll talk to you guys sometime Sunday. We hope it will be a long day, a REALLY long day for our Tarheels, but you never know. If not, I'll catch up with you guys earlier. Have a great weekend. Take care. Trish


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