Ashley's Story

She will leave fingerprints all over your heart


One of us is...

...well rested and I'm thankful for that. I had hoped for Ash to be fever free, needle escaping, and well rested through the night and she was exactly that. Thank you Father for those blessings!

On the other hand, I'm not so rested. If you walked into this hospital room this morning the sight of me in my t-shirt and Adidas pants, no make-up on, hair un done, and no intention of changing any of that would be proof enough. I'm cuddled under my "hospital" blanket next to Ash's bed delivering water to the thirsty pickle. She is fussy and unhappy this morning, extremely pale, nauseated with the slightest movements, and a little shaky. When she signs for her water I had better get up and deliver it fast or the whimpering begins. So, instead of getting showered and cleaned up this morning I'm playing the role of "water boy" and just tending to Ash. It wont really matter cause its just Ash and I in our corner of the peds floor in our regular room here at our home hospital(sounds good huh? Home hospital). No one comes in, there aren't liver teams, or transplant docs, or residents popping in and out(I love it here, as much as you can love a hospital). Its just us and our nurse who delivers meds every few hours. Other than that we girls will just sit here and do a whole lot of nothing today and I'm okay with that. I mean I would rather us be at the cabin with Dave and the kids, but you know what I'm talking about.

Ash's med schedule is a little crazy as we fight this bug. I had to access her line at 9pm, 11pm, 1am again at 2am, slept till 4am then accessed again, at 5am and then tried to fall asleep until 7am, then finished off at 8am. We have until noon till we start poking around on her again. Like I said, I'm so thankful my sweet girl slept through every single bit of this and did not spike a fever causing her to have blood drawn in the night. Such a huge blessing. I do wish I had a camera with me to show you how sprawled out across the bed she is and how she doesn't feel like sharing it with mommy. Instead mommy "napped" on the couch next to the bed and the crib (made up for the gherkin) sat empty last night.

I did brush me teeth early this morning and I might get up to wash my face at some point today. Might being the important word in that last statement. Then again, I might not. Just how I'm feeling about today. I'll just see. I'm pretty sure if I had a gigantic diet coke from Sonic about now I could muster the energy to get up, but since I don't I'm just pretending that I don't need to.


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