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We decided it would be best for Ash to come home to rest tonight rather than staying at the hospital. I LOVE how her surgical team in Shreveport want her to be home. They truly understand the importance of her being as comfortable as possible. Including her emotional comfort. Home is always better.

She never feels good after a scope and biopsy. Today was not only the scope of her bowel, but also through her esophagus and into the stomach. She has been bleeding from all openings this afternoon. She is gagging and vomiting blood from her stomach each time she coughs. She is bleeding into her g-tube(feeding tube) from the stomach, and also bleeding into her ostomy bag from the inside of her bowel. Its not surprising. They removed 10 tissue samples(biopsies) from both the proximal and the distal bowel. Thats quite a bit of trauma for a little body. She has been sleeping comfortably in her crib for the last hour. We will be keeping a close eye on any fevers that arise. Not only can bacteria be stirred up during a scope causing fevers to rise but also there was some extra access and extra sets of hands going in and out of her central line this morning in the OR. If she spikes fevers then we will send cultures to cover all our bases.

Dave's mom took Blake took practice tonight so I could stay in with Ashley Kate. I'm so tired. Just absolutely drained. I think I need tonight to prepare my heart, my mind, my emotions for the just in case that may be coming our way. Of course my hope and my prayer is that we only have an infection and a few ulcers stirred up in her bowel. I truly hope that is all that is going on. Dave and Allie are on their way home and 10pm couldn't come fast enough for me. I want time with them. Time to just sit still and visit. All of us in the house together. I just want to soak in the moments, the conversations, the stories, the everything. When I'm done with all of that I'm going to kiss those foreheads goodnight and then cuddle up close to Dave and just be near him.

Its been a long day.


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