Ashley's Story

She will leave fingerprints all over your heart


"Daddy, I want...



More often than not our little pickle will point, and reach, and then bat those little eyes at her daddy and "POOF" like magic whatever she has asked for just "magically" appears in those tiny hands.

She's figured out it works with Daddy, Blake, Allie, and sometimes even Mommy. She just too hard to resist. Especially on the good days. When her eyes sparkle they really sparkle and that grin melts each and every one of us. We love her like no other. She has captured the hearts of every one in this house and we have a really hard time saying no to our Ashley.

Saturday was a pretty good day for Ash. She enjoyed a morning at the soccer field watching Al's team win 7-0. Allie played fearlessly(she usually does) and scored 4 of those goals. We were so proud of her. Then we headed on over to Louisiana to watch Blake and the Tarheels play. After their two wins on Saturday they were seeded first in tournament play on Sunday. In the first game we were tied 4-4 in the final minutes of the game with runners on and Blake at the plate. He hit a hard line drive and the winning run crossed the plate. It was a great game. Two teams so evenly matched. It could of gone either way, but we were blessed to get to watch Blake come through in a tough situation and the Tarheels went on to the finals. We were completely out of pitching and the first 3 innings of the game were fought hard. Such tough play. In one inning all three hits came at Blake at short stop and he got to make the play for all 3 outs. That too was super exciting to watch as his parents. Dave and I were really proud of him. He was enjoying himself and getting to do what he does best. Play ball. Such a blessing. In the end though we were out pitched, out hit, and out played. The other team deserved the win and they earned it. So we walked away this weekend as the runners up.

This morning on the way to school it blessed my heart to listen to my son pray and thank the Lord for the opportunity play ball this weekend and the blessings of the wins. He prayed for protection for this week as he faces a scrimmage, a game, and three practices. I'm so thankful he knows what a gift God has given him.

Dave and Al left before 5 this morning for the fifth grade field trip to NASA. Allie was super excited as we packed for the adventure. I know she'll have a great time with her Dad. He was pretty excited to be going too. I'm missing them this morning knowing they won't be home tonight, but I'm so happy they get this time together.

Ash was supposed to be scheduled for a scope and biopsy today, but the call never came for a confirmed OR time. I'm working on figuring out what they want us to do. I'm pretty confident it won't be happening today since we aren't there, but this week I'm sure it will take place. She's still struggling with those unexplained fevers and lots of vomiting and coughing. I wouldn't say she's feeling great, but she's surviving. I'm looking forward to having some great days come her way. Like I said, Saturday was pretty good, but then on Sunday she wasn't so good. She spent the entire day in the RV and didn't come out to the fields one time. The weather wasn't very good yesterday so it worked out just fine. I hope she'll be able to keep her feedings down today without any vomiting. The last time she had an episode was around 3 this morning. She will be staying home this afternoon with her grandma while I go out to Blake's scrimmage game.

Its a busy week for the kids. That means its a busy week for me too:) My laundry piles are seriously out of control and I'm trying to tackle some this morning. Wish it were summertime and Blake could stay home to help!

Hope your week is blessed. Thats all thats going on in our part of the world. Take care my friends and have a great day. Trish


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