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Missing this Kid

He left bright and early this morning. At 4:30am to be exact. I lay in my bed trying to fall back asleep, but struggling because I new I was gonna miss this kid. Guess what? I already do.

His class left this morning for a 3 day field trip to San Antonio. He's the only kid there without a parent. That part makes me ill. Not that he minds. Honestly, he doesn't. Not that I'm afraid he won't behave. Honestly, I know he will. Its just that I wish Dave or I were there to hang out with him. Unfortunately it just wasn't possible. He will be well taken care of. I completely trust those who are looking out for him. I know they will be good to him and I know he will have a great time. I'm a little jealous of them though. This is a great kid. Really cool guy. I would have loved to had the next 3 days to spend with him running around the Alamo, going to the Spurs game, and all the rest. Our school policy is that no siblings are allowed on these class trips. I understand the policy. Its a big deal. Once a year kind of thing to get away with just your friends, your classmates, and your parents. Currently though I can't travel away from Ash in the condition she happens to be in, and she's not really up for that far of a trip anyway(a bus trip with 30 something people wouldn't be good for her and I would have no way to stop and care for her needs). Dave had to choose one trip this year and since Allie's class is leaving for NASA on their trip next Monday(and her class has the same sibling policy) he scheduled to attend with her(he went with Blake when his class did NASA so it was only fair). Anyway, Blake's only been gone a few hours and I'm already missing him. I was missing him in the first 5 minutes.

Blake was really looking forward to this trip. Al baked him a big batch of brownies to take along. He grabbed some beef jerky and jalapeno chips too(his favorite snacks) for the long bus ride. Add his friends to the mix and he was more than ready to head out of town. He has a group of friends(5 of them) who have more fun together than should be allowed. Such great kids. I'm really happy for them. What a blessing they have been in his life. Especially over the last few years with all the ups and downs we go through with Ashley Kate. Blake is fiercely protective of Ash and when she's sick he takes it hard. This group of kids have helped take his mind off of her struggles during some intense times and I will forever be grateful for our school and the families in it. They have ministered to us in amazing ways. So, I'm missing my kid, but I'm so thrilled he gets to hang out with his group. Its going to be a great week for him. Who knows, maybe I'll get to sneak away for an evening with Al over the next 3 days. I know she's already got a date planned with her dad.

This week will probably go pretty fast. Ash has an evaluation on Friday morning. Those whole eval sheets make me crazy. I feel like we are constantly having to prove to the "world" that she is in fact very intelligent. If they can see that then perhaps we might get some assistance in teaching her more ASL. I'm pretty nervous about the whole thing. The last thing Ash likes to do is perform for strangers. She usually shuts down and does...ummmm...nothing. Thus resulting in a not so good evaluation from the "professional" whatever we are seeing at the time. I hate labels and this is what they are going to be doing. Labeling her. Putting check marks or worse yet, no check marks on a little form to come up with a label to help them make a decision.

Anyway, she woke with fevers again this morning, more vomiting too. Her cultures are negative from the first 24 hours. That's a blessing, but not an explanation. Her lab work actually looked good for her so I'm still confused. I'm planning on getting her out of the house today to take a little ride on her Amtryke. Hoping to encourage her to perk up today. She loves to look at the trees, the flowers, the bugs, the birds, etc. These are all things she recognizes and knows the signs for so a little distraction from not feeling so good is what I'm hoping for. If she perks up I'll take a few photos of her on our walk.

Hope you enjoy your day and are surrounded with His blessings. Take care. Trish


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