Ashley's Story

She will leave fingerprints all over your heart



Ash to catch a break from illness

An eye appointment for Ash, but first she would have to catch that break

A dental appointment for Ash before her badly damaged teeth begin to fall out of her mouth, but you already know about the whole catching a break thing

A good nights sleep. For both her and I.

A nap to follow that good nights sleep. They had to wake me up when the doctor arrived this morning for rounds. Ummm... thats a little embarrassing. I hadn't even brushed my teeth or washed my face.

An afternoon to spend with Blake and Allison. I haven't spent more than 20 minutes with them since last Friday. I really miss those two kids!

A stroll through Target. For the nerves you know. I don't think I've been to Target in months. I'm really missing that place!

A new coloring book and crayons for Ashley Kate purchased during that Target stroll I'm needing( I mean dreaming of).

A lunch date with Dave. He's been working really hard lately and I'm missing that time to chat with my friend.

A vacation. You know, nothing huge. I'm not talking the beaches of Hawaii, just a jaunt to the ballpark in the RV to watch my kid. We're scheduled to play in Mansfield this weekend.

A trip to Hawaii. OK, I thought about my previous statement and figured this is my dream so why not. I would love to watch my girls playing in the sand under a palm tree or two.

A magic fluid remover( Kind of like the magic eraser that cleans up the messes around my house). To take all this crazy fluid mess off my baby's body and put it back where it belongs. I'm thinking of something that looks like a princess wand or something to wave around and make it happen. If anybody out there has one could I borrow it this afternoon?

A kick in the rear. Honestly, if someone doesn't do it soon and get me to lose some of this weight then I'm going spend the rest of my life miserable. They only makes pants so large you know.

A revival. In my spirit, my heart, my soul. Have you ever been so tired and so weary you find yourself lost in it all, knowing the truth but searching like there's no tomorrow?

A shower, but thats not going to happen until Dave gets here tonight some time after 6.

A new set of nails and while I'm at it probably a pedicure too( I told you I'm dreaming this post up so I get to add whatever I'd like).

A snack to go along with my diet coke the nurse just greeted me with:)

A house keeper. My house is beyond dirty. I stepped in there last night to pick up jammies for Ash and was so overwhelmed I decided to give up and not worry about it(at least until we get discharged and I can do something about it).

A good book.

A fast forward button so we could just skip out on this last two months of the school year and all that's going on. Its crazy up there and its making us all crazy this week.


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