Ashley's Story

She will leave fingerprints all over your heart


In about an hour...

...I get to run home for a couple of hours.

I'm going to light a candle,make some beds, do some dishes, throw in a couple of loads of laundry, run a dust mop over the floors, and take a long bath. Yeah me! Then I'll get dressed and come back up to spend the night with Ash. I might even see if Dave minds if I make a Target run before coming back to pick up one of the books that was recommended.

The older kids have dress rehearsal for the school play tonight, then they are coming by the hospital to say good night to Ash. Hopefully I'll get to run in to them for a few minutes either here at the hospital or at home before they climb into bed.

Ashley's chest x-ray is questionable. The report said there is a small, collapsed, triangular portion in the lower left lung and a small plural effusion. I looked at the x-rays myself and although I do see the areas of concern I also have in the back of my mind several images of her lungs. This currently does not look that bad to me. I've seen her x-rays completely whited out and so in comparison I'm a little concerned not wanting things to progress, but also encouraged that they don't look that bad. I'm waiting on her doctor to arrive and take a peek at them so I can listen to his recommendations. I think we need a little CPT and some more time to allow her body to reabsorb that fluid into the vessels and then rid itself of it. I've kept her sitting up for most of today and all that can do is help this situation. Her breath sounds still sound clear to me, maybe a little coarse. If we can keep from accumulating more fluid tonight then I think she'll be alright. The radiologist actually requested a couple of more views and perhaps a CT scan. I'm hoping to avoid the CT scan. Like I said were waiting on her doctor to make his recommendations after looking at the films.

I'm officially doing the countdown. Our office closes in 52minutes and then I'll give him 10 to wrap it up and 5 to drive over. My bathtub is calling my name.


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