Ashley's Story

She will leave fingerprints all over your heart


Bloods all in

Its amazing what a little bit of hemoglobin can do for you. Ash's color is finally back to normal. Her O2 sats are at 100%, her heart rate down, her respiration's beautiful, and blood pressures text book. I'm so glad we transfused today. I really believe it will give her what she needs to continue healing from this infection.

Her fluid status? She's still HUGE! Honestly, I've never seen her alert(I have seen her on the vent) like this. I can hardly pick her up she's so heavy! This baby girl is SO full of fluid, but as long as those lungs are clear and she keeps on peeing(she is literally peeing so much its leaking through her diapers! Thank you God those kidneys are working) then she should be ok.

We're scheduled to run her antibiotic at 4:30 and then we will wait for Dave to finish up at the office and come retrieve us. I'm so happy to be headed home today. I am really looking forward to having the 3 kids tucked into bed and sitting next to Dave on the couch tonight. It feels so safe, so comforting, so good after being gone. I would have to say its my favorite place in the world. Our home, with our children, together.

As happy as my heart is feeling about our discharge it is still heavily burdened for several others. What a life we live since the birth of our Ashley. My eyes have been opened to the sufferings of others. My heart holds closely many, many parents and children who daily fight the battle for survival in hospitals across our country. Friends, I know you lists are long. I know how busy our lives can be. I also know how perfectly normal life can be until one day your feet begin to walk a path you wouldn't wish on anyone. When your children are hurting and struggling to survive I can think of no greater pain in this world. I would humbly ask that as the Lord brings this list of sweet babies to your mind that you whisper their names to Him and pray for strength not only for them but for their mommy's and daddy's.

Emerson(2 years old), who is in the hospital with a line infection and is still inactive on the transplant list. We are praying for her second chance.

Kylie(3years old), who is scheduled for surgery Friday morning. Even minor procedures become not so minor when dealing with a transplant child. Pray for protection, and quick healing.

Gavin(2 years old), who is also back in the hospital with a line infection. Pray for his strength and his spirit to return and be restored.

Stellan(4 months old), who is currently in a tough fight for his life. His little heart is struggling to regulate and his condition is very serious.

Lauren(1 year old), who is one year out from her injury and continues to struggle each and every day to overcome.

These are just five from our list who I know really need prayer today as they continue on their journeys. Thank you for caring. Thank you for sticking close to us over these last few years. Thank you for loving our sweet Ashley and for praying for her. From the very depths of my heart I truly thank you for speaking her name to our Father. I know He loves her. As hard as it is for me to imagine anyone loving this child as much I do, He loves her even more. On top of that knowledge I try to swallow this; that he loves me that much too. He is truly amazing.


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