Ashley's Story

She will leave fingerprints all over your heart


Big girls don't cry

...but Ashley Kate does. Her first day was a little traumatic for her, but overall she did great. Dave and I hid at the back of the room behind some easels and watched our big girl from afar. I can't even describe how it felt to see those little feet dangling off the floor even though sitting in the smallest chair they had available. It is so hard to believe that she is here. Even after all this time I stare at her and am reminded of the miracle of her life. So many times I thought I'd never see this day and yet here we are. I'm proud of her. So very proud.

The cutest thing about the whole experience was her new eraser. Dave wanted to get her a new back pack, but I reminded him that she has about 6 of them already(for her pumps) and that it wouldn't be that exciting for her to get another one. He opted for the run of the mill pink erasers and she LOVED it. She held onto it tightly the whole day and is still playing with it now. It makes me smile to see her with it and makes me smile that Dave is beyond excited about his gherkin being well enough to be in school. Life is good.

At one point during her lessons we couldn't help but giggle when Ash signed to her teacher, "sshhh...sleeping...bye, bye". We laughed so hard about that. Her teacher politely told her that it was not time to go to sleep and that she wasn't ready for her to go just yet. Then she asked Ashley to turn the page in the book and our girl defiantly shook her head no. That was pretty funny too. Not so much the defiance part(we'll work on that another day), but the stubborn streak that Ash has within her. She wasn't interested in turning pages for her teacher she wanted to leave so she could go to sleep.

We are on our way to DeSoto tonight. Blake will be playing there this weekend and so its off to the ballpark for us. Wish me luck, Dave is working in Dallas this weekend so its me and Ash on our own without any help at a baseball tournament. In all honesty I'm exhausted just thinking about it, but so excited to be watching the Tarheels this weekend. I'm sure it'll work out fine. Hope you all enjoy your weekend. I'll catch up with you sometime Sunday or Monday. I'm hoping its a long weekend for us. Long weekends=lots of games. That'll mean were winning. Take care. Trish


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