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No word

Its been a week since Ash's scope and we've literally heard nothing. I think that's good?

Pathology in Shreveport failed to look at the biopsies. I think it was just a communication error. The surgeon told me that they would block and prepare the slides, read them, and then send them out to Nebraska and that a report would be ready by last Friday. Yesterday, Dave spoke with the pathology department and found out they received the specimens, prepared them and overnight them to Nebraska without viewing them. Nebraska should have received them by Thursday. Its now Tuesday and its never taken this long for them to call us if they wanted us. So...I'm hoping all is well and they don't want us.

Ashley has been off of TPN for two nights now. She has required no IV replacements for the past 2 days. She is on full feeds at 80cc an hour for 24 hours a day. It took her 6 and 1/2 months to get back here, but she did it. Her stool output is double what the transplant team wants it to be, but it is half of what it was at the height of her rejection episode late last year. I'm taking that as a good thing also. Not perfect, but better than it has been when she is in active rejection.

These two things have me leaning toward the idea that perhaps she is not back in active rejection. I think?

She had gone for 3 whole days without any vomiting. Dave shared with me a little while ago that he used that as his praise this morning while driving the kids to school. Then I had to tell him that she had just vomited all over the bed. The decrease is still a praise for us. Any relief for her is a praise.

I'm hoping our phone doesn't ring. I tend to cringe each time the area code 402 comes up on my phone. I just never know if its going to be good news or bad news. I keep thinking of how quiet life was last summer and wishing for things to return to that. I didn't hear from Omaha for months and when I did all they would say is "How's Ashley doing, we haven't heard from you in a while." That was the best feeling in the world. I truly believed she had come out of "the woods" and was headed for only good days.

My hope is that we really are looking at span of good days that will lead her into months and months. I'm also hoping my phone doesn't ring.


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