Ashley's Story

She will leave fingerprints all over your heart


Back and Forth

The phone calls just keep coming. I feel as though we're playing phone tag with our transplant team the last few days. Information is flowing back and forth, back and forth, but no word on slides, biopsies, rejection, etc. just yet. I feel confident that we will not be away from home this holiday weekend and that blessed my heart. Tomorrow morning I will call and here what pathology in Shreveport feels is going on, but as of this afternoon Nebraska had not seen any of the slides yet. So although I'll have a good idea sometime tomorrow morning, we won't know anything final until early next week.

Ashley's drug levels were so low on her lab work this week that they both came back as non detected. That's not ok. We are all under the assumption that because of her vomiting that she has been unable to absorb them properly. To be honest our nights have run together in my mind and I can't remember how much she vomited on Sunday evening. I'll just guess that it was one of the rougher nights seeing how none of her meds were found in her blood the next morning. We will be repeating those levels in the morning and hoping to find some present. When concerned about rejection the last thing you want to hear is that she had no evidence of immunosuppression on board.

The surgeons' have also decided to add Prevacid back into her med schedule to try and help with all the vomiting. That phone call made me giggle because we suggested or asked if that might be a good idea a few weeks back and were told no. Today they acted like it was a fresh idea and something that should definitely be done. Like I said, I giggled and said thanks. I really hope it helps her. The last thing we want for Ash is more medication, but in this case we are desperate for anything that can ease her discomfort in this area.

The good news this week is that Ash has finally made it up to full feedings and should have her TPN discontinued. Except that we decided not too. After speaking with her nutritionist we thought it best to continue running it for the 8 hours until we find out what is going on inside of her bowel. Once we know if she's in rejection or not then it will be easier to decide. Honestly, the whole idea of stopping her feedings when it has taken us 7 months to get back up to full feeds is heart breaking. Its been a long process and now she is danger of having to begin it all over again.
Oh well, we will know more next week.

Ash has had a really good day. She looks great. Feels great. Is great. Only 2 episodes of vomiting and they were relatively small and short lived. She is snuggled up in the recliner next to Blake as I type and she just looks too sweet. I think they may be drifting off to sleep.

Well, that's all from our house today. Its time to start dinner. Dave will be home soon and since we have no practices tonight we are looking forward to hanging with the kids. Have a great evening. Trish


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