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Things I love...

The most beautiful 5th grade girl in the world climbing into my car at the end of a school day. She truly is a beauty and as I watched her grin grow wider and wider with each step yesterday I was mesmerized by her face. Oh, how I love that sweet girl!

The lashes that curl so long and so dark under the eyelids of my sleeping baby girl. Something about that sleeping baby that melts me and I can't help but tiptoe up to the edge of her crib and just stare multiple times each night.

The 13 year old who rides "shotgun" next to me each and every day. That kid is amazing and there is NOTHING about him that I don't admire. Yesterday as he and his friend climbed out of the car for youth group I reminded, "Be kind" to which his friend turned to me and said with a laugh, "Blake is the kindest kid I know". Oh, how I loved hearing that. No matter who you are or what you do or don't have in this life you have the opportunity to show kindness to others. Its important to me that the children are kind to others. Its the least they can do for another person.

The hand of the man that reaches for mine underneath his pillow each and every night of our lives. I don't know how to describe how good and how comforting it feels to hold onto that hand.

The candle burning on the mantle this morning. Nothing makes me happier then to be in a room that smells absolutely delicious!

The bright red gerbers that are now planted firmly in my front beds outside of this little yellow house. Never thought to plant those before, but I am definitely LOVING them this morning. Only one more, HUGE, flower bed to go in the front and then its off to work on the back ones. I love me some flower gardens!

The house when it is shiny clean! Boy, that feels good.

The knowledge that tomorrow is my birthday. I love my birthday! Always have and probably always will. My favorite phrase? "You have to be nice to me its almost my birthday." I start using it around May 2nd and use it all the way up to the 1st. You know your going to have a good day when its your birthday. How could you not? I mean if your anything like me(and trust me its not because I'm shallow or anything. Its my love language. Its been documented) a present just makes life a little better. Put a big bow on top and my excitement immediately doubles!

Canton, Tx. Everything girly and embroidered was and is thought of and sold in Canton, Tx on the First Monday Weekends. Guess where I'll be tomorrow? You guessed it. Dave is taking Ash to her 1st dental appointment and to school all by himself tomorrow and I'm going shopping all by myself. Sweet! Happy birthday to me, happy birthday to me.

The thought of watching my kid hit the ball this weekend. We start counting down the days as we pile back into the car for the ride home each Sunday. Last weekend he played incredible. Our Tarheels went all the way to the championship game and lost in the last inning 6 to 3. It was such a great tournament. They got every possible "at bat" available last weekend and thats why we were there. To hit the ball. Winning is nice too, but the experience that comes from playing that many games is what keeps Blake smiling. When he's smiling, I'm smiling.

The 5th day of the week. Yep, that would be today. Thursday. Dave will be home this evening, kick of his shoes, stay up late with me, and not have to think about the office again until Monday morning. Thursdays are something I have come to love.

The Easter story. I've been reading through all the accounts of it in the gospels since Easter morning and have been truly captivated by the words and events recorded. Taking in and trying to absorb it all piece by piece. Oh, to know that we are so loved!

The invention of the Sonic Route 44 cups and the happy hours between 2-4 each day. To score an extra large ice tea with a dash of peach for only 99cents? Does it get any better than that? I find myself stopping on the way to pick up the kids from school each day(well not literally each day, but almost) and then kicking and screaming on the drive home until I can run to the bathroom. Not sure why I'm putting myself through it, but it is helping me to kick the Diet Coke habit which has the potential to kill me if I don't stop drinking them. So you know, its kind of important.

The excitement I'm feeling over the planning of a certain someone's 4th birthday approaching in a mere 3 months. Got to start early to get it all done in time! She's going to be 4! I LOVE that.

The internet. Ours has been down this week and that means I can't talk to you guys. Man, that makes me crazy, but its back and here I am! Love ya'll.

And last but not least, the empty laundry hampers. Can I get an AMEN? Yes, I know they will be full again by the end of the weekend, but for this moment each bathroom is sporting an empty one and that is something I LOVE.

So, I'm off to finish flower beds, pack the kids for the weekend(Allie has a choir competition at Six Flags and gets to spend the weekend with friends and Blake is playing in Terrell this time so once I've finished shopping tomorrow afternoon I'll come home and load up in the RV with Ash and the boys and turn right around and head back that direction), make beds, clean a couple of bathrooms and play with my almost 4 year old beauty. Hope you have a wonderful day and are surrounded by blessings.


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