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My funny girl

Yesterday as we were driving the highway between Longview and Shreveport my funny girl began to get a little stressed as the eighteen wheelers passed us by. I could see her in the rear view mirror signing for McQueen and Mater, but all she could see was Mack. It was making her so frustrated that Mack was keeping McQueen locked up in the back of that truck. She was ready for the show to begin, and yet they never let the others out of the back of the truck.

As she grew more and more determined in her signs I watched her hit the window and sign "now". She uses the "now" sign when she is serious about something and it made me laugh out loud at my funny girl.

I suppose she just doesn't understand why they others never showed up on that highway, but Mack gave her an awful lot to "talk" about in those two hours on the road.

Oh, how I love this child!


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