Ashley's Story

She will leave fingerprints all over your heart




First thing this morning...

A few minutes ago...

Again this morning both physicians stopped by and let us know just how severe things were. Its soooo hard to believe that an infection of such magnitude and severity is actually inside of her when I look at her. She looks fine! Honestly, the doctors still can't believe how good she is doing with all of this. They said she should have been miserable, screaming, crying, very, very sick. Instead she's playing, signing, giggling, and bossing us all around.

The surgeon shared with our pediatrician that it was absolutely awful inside of her. The bones were literally eaten away by the bacteria. Everyone is curious to see what bacteria it is and how in the world it has survived inside of her for so long without detection and without succumbing to the antibiotics she has been on since this central line was placed. We are all waiting to see what bug it is and hopeful that we can kill it as soon as possible. They expect her to be on a very long course of IV antibiotics.

The long and short of our situation is that even if we were ready to tell our transplant team to list Ash they would not. She has had one infection after another since the line was placed at the end of December, and she would have been removed each and every time until she completed the course. So I guess its a good thing we aren't quite ready because its an emotional roller coaster when you have them pulled off and put on and pulled off again. I would be a mess!

Ash looks great. She really does. Sitting here all week is going to get challenging. For us all.

Again I just want to say how GRATEFUL we are for how well things have gone and how quickly she was taken care of. Its just so unbelievable to be sitting in the hospital this morning after an emergency surgery last night. What a crazy life!


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