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She will leave fingerprints all over your heart


Not so Lucky this time

In addition to the other nonsense invading Ash's body the lab has confirmed that her line, both lumens, are growing out some sort of gram positive bug in clusters. So...early reports seem to indicate its the staph. No final identification or what it will be susceptible to has come yet, but we know its there. Seems as though we just can't shake the staph that she contracted in late December when the line was placed. It settles down while under treatment and for a couple of weeks and then it appears again. Staph is a particularly stubborn infection in lines and can be difficult to clear. Unfortunately for us we have one line site and so pulling it and replacing it is not going to be an option. We will attack it beginning today with IV doses of vanc until the lab tells us otherwise.

We are currently waiting to hear from the pharmacy so we can get started.

All indications are that Ash is stable. She's not feeling well. Obviously. Lethargic, aching, sleeping, and fussing. Her fevers have been relatively low today. Still there, but nothing like yesterday morning. They seem to spike for a few hours and then they break for a few. She is not herself, but that is to be expected. She's home where she belongs and she's safe and for those two things I'm going to be grateful. For her and for the rest of us.

We will redraw cultures Friday and then probably draw a trough level sometime Sunday.


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