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Spring Break at our House

Long afternoon naps...

Road trips with your best friend...

Evenings at the ball park...

I'm loving this week of time spent with my kids. Choosing to do lots of the nothing special that has become so very special to me over the last few years. Watching Ash sleep peacefully on the rug in her playroom, seeing the smile on the faces of two little girls who aren't so little anymore when they are hanging out together, and watching my son do one of the things he does so well.

The pace has slowed down a little this week and its been nice. Ashley Kate has played and played. We've chosen to keep her close to home and not run from appointment to appointment with her. Sometimes its nice just to give her a break from doctor's offices. Her lab work looks good. She's stable. Infection free. Happy. Instead we are taking afternoon walks and evening bike rides. Working puzzles and watching Bambi a thousand times a day. Allie B. and her best friend Chelsea made cheerleader last week(so proud of these two girls) and today they left on a road trip to Dallas just to hang out for a few days. Blake and I have been taking it easy doing a whole lot of nothing. I love having him home. He is so busy I feel like we see very little of him these days and so the fact that I've been given a whole week to hang out with him is such a treat. We didn't plan to do much of anything over spring break other than relax since our big trip is coming up the week after school lets out. We are all really looking forward to making it something we will never forget.

Hope your spring break has given you and your kiddos exactly what you needed. Ours sure is. Time to slow down and do a whole lot of nothing. Its actually very refreshing. Exactly what I think it was designed to be.


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