Ashley's Story

She will leave fingerprints all over your heart



Late last night brave little Cooper was received into Heaven.

My heart is crushed. It hurts so deeply to know this morning his mommy and daddy and big sister and brothers awake to a world without him in it. I feel broken. I do feel beaten down. I am discouraged. I am angry.

I angry to live in a world where our children suffer and die. I am angry that we are powerless to stop the diseases that are stealing them from our arms. I am angry over the sin and the evil one who delights in our losses. I am angry that without a MIRACLE our family will experience the loss of our precious Ashley.

I am so angry.

Even though we have hope as believers and even though I know without a doubt that precious Cooper is with Jesus I STILL am angry that he had to hurt and that he suffered and that his childhood was cut short and that he is not in his mommy's arms.

I will NEVER understand. NEVER. I don't even want to understand anymore. I just want to hold on to my Ashley and NEVER, EVER be asked to let her go.

Its a very sad day in our transplant community as our hearts ache over another loss of one of our children. Your prayers for the Knight family are deeply appreciated. They walked this path along side their Cooper like true soldiers. Fighting for his best life possible and never once failing to love him with all that they had. May our Father hold them close to His chest this morning and cover their hearts with His peace.


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