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She will leave fingerprints all over your heart



Just received word from our physician that the two big gun antibiotics she has been on round the clock for the last week have not been the correct ones for this bug. Ugh!!!

Starting over with a new drug. Its toxic to the kidneys and so we will be checking drug levels every couple of days.

I can't remember a time in Ash's life that she has been on antibiotic coverage for this length of time. Its so disheartening. So concerning to us.

The wound has yet to seal shut and when I mentioned its continual draining our doctor said, "In this case that is a good thing since what we have been treating the abscess with has not been appropriate coverage."

So here we soon as we receive the new delivery of meds we will begin at square one and start over again. I was grateful to have a full week of treatment behind us, but I suppose that was just too good to be true. I'm tired. I'm not going to lie. The interrupted sleep every single night for the last 5-6 weeks is catching up with me and I'm having a hard time catching up. Ash has had 5 days off of IV antibiotics since the placement of her central line on Dec. 28th. That means I've had 5 nights of normal sleep. As normal as beeping pumps, alarms, and bag changes can be, but at least I had adjusted to that. This? not so much. Not yet anyway.

I'll get there. I'm just really struggling today. Very thankful for the help my mom is giving at this time. Without her in the house I'm afraid it might just start to fall down around us.

Now that the sensitivities have shown themselves I am hopeful we will be able to rid her of this infection before it spreads to the areas we need to keep it out of. Particularly her brain and CNS.


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