Ashley's Story

She will leave fingerprints all over your heart


She's in Love :)

With yet another "dinosaur".

Its name is actually "Ashmore". It couldn't be more perfect for our girl.

Ashley Kate has a new love...of course she has not abandoned the old one...her heart has room for both.

To be loved by Ash is a wonderful, wonderful thing. The sweetest thing I have ever known.

She is home tonight. A little swollen. Bruised. Bleeding a little and draining a lot. The drain tube was pulled this morning. She has two rows of sutures from the top to the bottom of the back of her ear. If you pulled them out I imagine her entire ear would flap forward. It was literally cut all the way and laid over. So weird to look at. So weird. But...she's happy. So very happy. The moment we sat her down in the play room she gave a round of applause. So, so funny.

On the infection front the news is not so good. Its actually a pseudomonas infection. We will battle it the best we can with the meds that are available and we will take it a day at a time. At the completion of the antibiotics we will repeat a CT scan to check and see how well we have done. Praying it will be resolved.

We wanted to say "Thank You" for sending Ashmore. It was such a sweet blessing to watch her receive. :)


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