Ashley's Story

She will leave fingerprints all over your heart


Making memories, memorizing the moments

This weekend Dave and Allie are in Dallas playing volleyball. I stayed in town to watch Blake play baseball. I received a phone call from Dave this afternoon. He asked if we were in a hurry to have them home or did they have time to make a memory. Instantly my heart was blessed. Blessed by the man I am married to because of the father he chooses to be to our kids. So he and Allie proceeded to spend the evening in downtown Dallas together doing nothing other than making memories that will last a life time in the heart of our daughter. I've received a few texts through the evening. Things like, "we are on the 38th floor and she's decided she'd like to be a window washer". You would have to know our Allie and would have to see the length of her "bucket list" to appreciate that she's added one more task to it. Window washing:) The next one was something like, "sitting on the roof top waiting for our dinner to be served and enjoying a plate of fried pickles together". Not really my thing(I'm terrified of heights and I don't care for pickles near as much as the two of them do) but so "Allie". Made me smile. '" On our way to the "big ball" just for the fun of it". She's wanted to go there "her whole life". So thankful he was willing to take the time to make sure she got to. The two of them are still in the big "D" and have yet to make it home.

This morning Blake and I ran to Kilgore to watch his Allison perform her solo at the dance competition. It was really beautiful! She is really beautiful. I really appreciate that sweet girl in his life. We spent the afternoon at the ball park as he played in the final game of this weeks tournament. I love the ball park for no other reason then the fact that he loves the ball park. I love to watch him play the game. I'm so proud of this kid. So proud. Tonight he and I went to the movies. Just the two of us. I love that. Its our thing. Movies that Dave and Allie would have no interest in, but Blake does and so I do. We've been doing it for years and the time invested with him doing nothing other than sitting in the theater next to him is something I know I'll never regret. Just memorizing the sound of his laughter and the smile that crosses his face. He is so grown up. Not much time left with him in our home. Its going by sooooo fast!

Ash spent the day playing in the play room and scooting around the house. Her nan took her on a long walk around the neighborhood and she enjoyed collecting leaves and sticks and listening to the birds sing. She was very, very smiley today.

Tonight Ashley Kate sits playing angry birds and hollering at me to hurry up and come back. She laughs so hard at those silly birds and she's getting pretty good at smashing pigs. She is the sweetest thing. As I go in to check on her she pats her bed and request for me to lay down next to her. We giggle together as she shows me how to make those birds fly across the screen. I love the moments when she asks for us to hold her, sit by her on play room floor, or snuggle in next to her on that tiny big girl bed of hers. My heart melts each and every time.

This life is precious. So precious. I'm savoring the moments, the running the kids here and there, the ball games, the hectic schedules, the late evening hours when we are all home together. There is nothing about this life that I am not loving at this moment. The moments that my heart hurts still come and go throughout the day and night, but I'm getting much better at concentrating on what we are being given at this time.

Its been a good, good day for us. A day full of blessing. Memories and moments I know we will appreciate forever.


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