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Pressing On

So much has been happening in our little part of the world and the place our family finds itself in as of late. Much has been wonderful and some has been laced with hurts and disappointments. Its such a tapestry of experiences being woven together that perhaps tells the story of just who exactly we are, this group of people who call themselves Adams.

I have found myself repeating to myself and to my children again and again a little phrase that I believe God laid on my heart during one of our biggest hurts. What happens today does not define who we are tomorrow. It does not. This is not the end of the story, but perhaps just a piece of it. Because our hopes and our dreams did not come to fruition(is that even a word?) does not mean that our future has been determined and our dreams have died. Today is just today and it is nothing more. We will continue, we will still dream, we will work hard, we will laugh, we will play, we will be better because of this. We will. How do I know that? Because I know us. I know this group of people who call themselves Adams and I know what God has placed inside of them. He made them out of some of the very best character traits around. They have what it takes to see past today and its struggle into what He has in store for their futures.

My kiddos are incredible people. My older two, my teenagers(how did that even happen?) are amazing young people who have been transformed into the people they are through the struggle of our youngest. They have seen her triumph over great adversity and because of those experiences they too have learned to press on through the adversity that is set before them. I love who they are. I admire their character. I trust their character even in the most hurtful of situations and its because of that trust in who they are I know they will overcome. This does not define their future. Today does not tell the whole story. It does not. It will not.

In this life as I, as we, face some of the most painful of experiences I find myself grateful to have this home and this incredible group of people assembled together inside of it. God in His wisdom formed this family and gave us to each other for times just as this and we "got each other's backs" so to say. In all of the struggles and victories this life has to offer, the five of us are pressing on together reaching for the goal, dreaming the dreams, and striving to be the very best at all we endeavor to do. Together.

Today those thoughts bring great comfort to me and a smile has even come to my face. So...bring it on...we got this.


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