Ashley's Story

She will leave fingerprints all over your heart


Not so sure...

Well, I'm not so sure what to say about Ashley Kate this morning. Some things are better, but others are SO not.

She is fever free. Her "extra" vomiting has ceased. Her vitals are all strong. That is the good.

She is HUGE. Swollen. Third spacing fluids. Not so recognizable. Has a wet cough. Feels awful. That is the bad.

This morning we are drawing more blood cultures. A full set of labs. Possibly taking her in to see her local physician. Maybe a set of chest x-rays?

Its all so confusing. What started out as a runny nose and fevers has disappeared and turned into a fluid issue that is causing a lot of trouble. She isn't receiving any more fluids than she usually requires. In fact I have decreased some of them so that she didn't have any extra volume. Its all so crazy. I have no idea where this is all headed. I have calls into the office to try and get her seen early this morning.

Its been a very trying week for us all with her becoming sick. We are all a little on edge waiting to see how its going to play out.


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