Ashley's Story

She will leave fingerprints all over your heart


You know your sick when...

you postpone a doctors appointment because your to sick to travel to it.

Wow, I think this is a first for us. So crazy, but driving for an hour, strapped into a car seat behind me, and vomiting the whole way is not going to work for us today. After all her vomiting in the seat behind me is what caused our little collision a few months back. Thankfully we were in a parking lot and not on the highway, but I think I've learned enough not to attempt it when she's spewing the amount of bile she is currently. We are re-scheduling our Shreveport appointments for next week or so. Surely things are going to turn around by then.

I had really hoped that with a few doses of her antibiotic in her that things would look a little better this morning. I was wrong. We may not have the right one on board, but won't know until sensitivities are in. She is on vanc, but so far no changes in her condition. Add a bloody nose to the mix that bled most of the night and again this morning and her pile of laundry in the bedroom looks as though I performed surgery in her room last night. I could keep the wash going for the next 24 hours straight and never catch up. She has soiled every single blanket she owns and if you know anything about me then you know she has a LOT of bedding. I'm out of stain remover and there is no hope of making it to the store today so our pile of bedding and towels is going to keep growing until tonight when Dave makes it in.

This morning I feel as though I haven't slept in a week. Its only been three nights, but convincing my eyes of that isn't going so well. My friends will understand how tired I am when I share that my eye twitch is back. Yup, thats how long its been since I've slept for any length of time. Too long. Tonight Dave is on duty and I can't wait! I'm going to go to bed as soon as I get back from watching Allie run and I'm not getting up until some one makes me. I'm soooo looking forward to that!

More than that though I'm looking forward to Ash kicking this thing and having a day free of fevers so that she can actually feel like smiling again.


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