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A Day well Spent

I spent yesterday, Mother's Day, doing a little bit of everything.  You know all those little things that aren't that special, but thats exactly what makes them so special?  I love those things.  The everyday, mundane, that makes me look at my life and my people and be so incredibly grateful.

To tell the truth we woke up feeling a little stunned and somewhat numb after the most heartbreaking loss I think we've ever had to experience in our little baseball world.  My heart was still aching from it when I opened my eyes and realized that this season was indeed over.  Blake played his heart out and put up two of his most amazing games ever in an attempt to help his team clinch the Area Championship and move on to Regionals.  At the end of the 7th inning the scoreboard read 7-5 and it hurt.  Ya'll I cried.  I cried for my son who gave his all.  I cried for the seniors who will never step on a field again.  I cried for our school because we are losing some of the best kids around as they move on with their lives in just a couple of weeks.  Blake will never again suit up and play a game with these guys and it hurt my heart!  I was so surprised by how much it hurt.  I spent yesterday reminding myself that God has something more in store.  Something we can't see today, but that is coming.  Then as I lay my head down late last night I checked my email and found a letter from the coaches who will be leading Blake for the next 10 weeks and my heart smiled.  Only 18 more days and he will put on another uniform and work one more summer closer to his dream.

After shaking off the numbness we sat down and listened to lesson 4 of the series my brother is currently preaching in his church in Oklahoma. is SO good.  I love having the opportunity to have my spirit fed every morning and evening.  We turn on the lessons and the sermons his church has available online and we learn and grow and become renewed.  What a blessing!  What a great way to start off Mother's Day.

We then left and went to watch Allie play her first indoor soccer game of the season.  She enjoyed it and did well.  I sat in the bleachers and stared at how beautiful she is even when she's got her hair pulled up, no make on, and sweat pouring down her face.  She loves that game and has fought her way back through this knee injury.  She works out with her trainers every morning before school and again in the evenings at the gym.  She's determined not give up on what she loves and I'm so proud of who she is.  Despite the obstacles before her, the negativity she finds herself surrounded by, and the odds stacked against her, she's fighting back.  A life skill I know she will carry with her for years to come.  I'm the support system  Its my job to provide her the best care I can and to cheer her on as she makes her way back.  I love being her mom.

Once we came home we made lunch and I sat and watched my baby as she sat out on the patio and enjoyed  all that surrounded her. ( My heart smiled at the soccer game when the coach came up and asked , "hows our baby?"  See, I'm not the only one who still refers to Ash as the baby.  Our entire home town does.  She will always be "baby Ashley".)  Even after we all came in she was content to sit there and play outside at the table.  What a blessed Mother's Day it was to have my sweet girl here.  I could see her little hands working and signing as the birds came to the feeders and the squirrels played in the grass.  She had a lot to say and my heart was happy.  Blake was stretched out on the floor in front of me.  Allison Brooke was lying on the couch.  I was surrounded by what I love most.  It was the best!  Simply the best day!

As if my day could be any better...I took a nap!  Glorious day!  Dave let me sleep for 3 whole hours.  It was so great!  I woke up to see that the clock said 8pm and I was shocked.  Ashley still needed a bath and we hadn't eaten any dinner.

To round out the day Allie helped me braid Ash's freshly shampooed hair.  I sat there with my girls and thought how incredibly blessed I am.  Life really is a gift and its so full of blessings.  We loaded Ash up and Allie drove us up to Sonic for 1/2 price milk shakes to end the day.  Just me and my girls.

Precious days.  Precious moments.  Precious memories.

A day well spent doing the nothing special that makes it so very special to me.


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