Ashley's Story

She will leave fingerprints all over your heart


Just a few things

I'll mention just a few issues she struggled with through the night and this morning.  She is going to the hospital at noon for blood.

Discomfort in several areas.  Teeth. Ears. Tummy.  Spleen.  Bottom.

I suspect she has several infections.  Ear, UTI, and line.

Her blood counts are critically low.  Lower than I've ever seen her hemoglobin or hematocrit.

She's struggling to breathe from the enlargement of her spleen.  I think its putting a lot of pressure on her internally making it difficult to inhale deeply.  She's taking short, grunting breaths.  Her vitals are all stable. Oxygen is good.  Its just not easy breathing.  She needs more blood and we are hopeful this will allow her breathing to ease up.



Ash just doesn't feel good.  There is not a lot more I can say.  As soon as the blood bank delivers the blood we will leave.  We are hoping to get some IV antibiotic coverage started quickly.  I imagine she will require at least two units of blood today.  Hopefully she will make it home sometime late tonight.

4 days until our baby gherkin turns 8 years old.  10 days until the celebration of those 8 years.  Baby steps.  Small goals.  Making it through one day at a time.


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