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She will leave fingerprints all over your heart


A Few Good Days

Ashley has had a few pretty good days. She has been working hard on her physical therapy. She is seeing her therapist 3 days a week and I can tell she is getting stronger. She is now up to 14lbs! She looks so different now. You can actually see a little bit of "chub" on her thighs. Of course you can really see the growth in her face and cheeks. Unfortunately that is just part of the heavy TPN she is now receiving. She has decided to pull a few all nighters on us this week so we are really feeling the lack of sleep now. When the lights go off at bedtime she comes alive. Last night she decided to scream Mama until around 2:00. As soon as I turned on the light to check on her she would be clapping and squealing. She is so awnry.
We have not heard from the transplant center except for the call about raising her PELD score. We are praying for the call to come, but we know that His timing is perfect.

Right now she is playing ball with Blake and Allie in the floor. She loves it when they get home from school. I wish you could hear her squealing at them. It is so funny to see how her mood changes when they walk in the door. They are so good for her and she is good for them. How thankful we are to have these days at home together. God Bless you guys. We love hearing from everyone in the guestbook. Thank you for your prayers and encouragement.


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