Ashley's Story

She will leave fingerprints all over your heart


His timing is perfect

Although I am diasppointed that Ash will stay on the vent today I am reminding myself that there have been several days in Ashley's life where things have not gone the way that I had expected. May I share with you that one of the lessons I have learned through our Ashley is that God's timiming has been absolutely perfect in each of these situations. Things have occurred in just the right manner, on just the right day, at just the right time. So today I am going to wait on Him and let Him decide when it will be the right time for Ash to start breathing on her own. Maybe she just needs to rest another day before the hard work begins? She has been through to much in the last couple of days and perhaps she is just too tired today. I know that He knows why and that is enough for me today.

The doctors have decided to begin a medication to help her try and get rid of some of the fluid in her body. She has always been so tiny so it is difficult to see her looking so big and puffy. They are now doing an ultrasound of her abdomen to make sure the blood supply to her new organs is flowing properly. This will be the second one they have done it is very uncomfortable for Ash to have them press around on her tummy with the instruments. As a mom I would like to ask them to please leave her alone, but I realize how important it is for all of these things to be done. There will be many, many hard days ahead with lots of things that will make my sweet girl uncomfortable. Please pray for me to be strong. Ashley is so much tougher than I am. I marvel at how strong she is. She is a fighter and God has equipped her with the most amazing spirit. I know she can do all things through Him because He does give her strength.

As I think about the upcoming days as Dave and Blake and Allie prepare to leave us my heart is breaking. How I wish we could all stay together! Again I know God's grace will be enough to get us through this time, and one day He will bring us back together. Thank you for loving my baby so much and for taking the time to talk to Jesus on her behalf. I hope each one of you know how precious your words and prayers are to me at this time. How blessed we have been to be loved by so many.


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