Ashley's Story

She will leave fingerprints all over your heart


Are they INSANE??

I think they are all crazy. They stopped Ashley's feedings so they could do another "procedure" on the Gherkin later today. I think they are all NUTS!!

CRAZY CRAZY people I say.


At 9:56 AM , Blogger Sarah's In the Midst of It said...

Sounds insane to me, too! I'm praying for you both again today, and hoping that this procedure will be another step forward for Ashley!!

(And your post about baby Jesus flying was so cute! Our dog ate Jesus, so at least yours is still all in one piece!!)

At 11:20 AM , Anonymous amy borden said...

I think they must enjoy keeping you on your toes... when Ashley finally takes a break from it :O).

I loved the last post! I will be praying for Ashley's procedure today.


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